A Blind Legend


A team of gaming professionals at Dowino studios in Lyon, France has launched a video-less mobile game specifically designed for visually impaired players. The game, titled A Blind Legend uses a technique known as binaural recording to create a 3D immersive world using just sound.

The player embodies Edward Blake, a knight whose wife has been kidnapped by his fearsome foe Thork. On the day of the kidnapping, Thork gouged out Blake’s eyes. Guided by his daughter, Blake sets off to confront Thork’s army and to save his wife.

Blake’s movements are controlled using the swipe and pinch gestures familiar to users of smartphones and/or tablets with a touch-sensitive screen.
In a further innovation Dowino Studios used crowdfunding to raise more than €40,000 (£31,000) to develop their functioning prototype.

The company’s pitch on the fundraising site ulule says, ‘A Blind Legend is aimed equally at non-sighted and sighted players eager for a novel gaming experience – using their hearing as the only way to orient themselves and take decisions.’
Games for visually impaired players have a potentially huge audience with an estimated 285 million visually impaired people worldwide.



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