And the winners are…


Four months into the new year and the first awards are already gracing the display cabinets of the companies whose products have been judged innovative and transformational in meeting the needs of children with special educational needs.


Forbrain winners of the BETT ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions 2015

First up was the BETT Awards in January where the award for ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions went to Forbrain for its headset device that uses bone conduction to improve auditory and sensory processing by retraining the brain.

This was swiftly followed by the Education Resources Awards in March where the SEN non-ICT Award went to the Tennis Foundation for its Inclusive Tennis Teacher Resource and the SEN ICT  Award was collected by Inclusive Technology for its Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations.

Also in March were the Naace Impact Awards where the SEN Impact Award went to GestureSEN, a website run by teachers in special schools that, ‘aims to explore how established and emerging gesture based technology can help people with severe learning difficulties with their engagement, creativity and independence skills.’

Not to mention the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence, where the award for Best SEN Resource, sponsored by The Hargrave Foundation, went to our old friends Soundbeam. Meanwhile the shortlist for the Best Solution for Special Needs Students category of the SIIA CODIE Awards has been published with the winner due to be announced at the Education Industry Summit in San Francisco in May.


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