Conference on psychiatric medication will be streamed live


A major international conference discussing the over-prescription of psychiatric medication will be streamed live after organisers confirmed it is fully booked.

‘More Harm than Good: Confronting the Psychiatric Medication Epidemic’, organised by Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry (CEP), takes place on 18 September at the University of Roehampton and features an impressive line-up of international speakers from both sides of the Atlantic.

It will discuss the risks associated with the over-prescription of psychiatric medications and what can be done to address the problem. Anyone with an Internet connection can now watch the conference for free in real time. In addition, each of the talks will be filmed and posted onto the CEP website for later viewing.

There are two streams to view.

The first starts at 9.00am BST (GMT+1) and will record the morning session. The address is:

The second starts at 2.00pm BST (GMT+1) and will record the afternoon session. The address is:


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