SuperSpeak adds Play mode


Norwegian-based company Superplus, has announced a new Play mode for its Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app SuperSpeak

Designed to capture and maintain children’s interest, Play is a game-based mode within the app where children can grow their vocabulary through a variety of visual lessons. As children associate the correct image with the prompt, they can earn customisable tokens that can be used to purchase items or unlock other engaging elements of the game.

Parents or special-needs providers can set a child’s reward schedule to award tokens continuously, after a set time, or after a fixed number of correct answers, and they can create their own photo-based instructional lessons from within the app’s administrator mode.

With SuperSpeak Play, we’ve drawn on the latest research in educational gaming to develop rich, powerful learning experiences for the millions of children who struggle with speech and language disabilities every day. More than simply an AAC tool, SuperSpeak is a complete learning and communications platform that empowers children with special needs to succeed.

said Katrine Gulstad Pedersen, a special-education teacher who is co-founder and CEO of Superplus.

Each child’s user experience is stored in a secure, cloud-based profile, creating a consistent learning environment that is accessible from anywhere. Teachers or special-education providers can add new photos to a child’s profile, depicting vocabulary words the child learned in school or therapy, and parents can access these photos and have their child practise these new words from home or any other environment.

Superplus is demonstrating its SuperSpeak app on Booth 101 at ATiA 2016. Visitors will receive a free SuperSpeak subscription and can learn more about the company’s research-based approach to AAC in Session AAC-62, ‘The Next Generation AAC: What Research and Mobile Technology Offers’, which takes place on Friday, February 5, from 2:20 to 3:20 p.m. in the Orlando Convention Center, Antigua 4.


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