Meet the creators of the Logan ProxTalker


If you are at ATiA16 why not pop along to Booth 816 to meet Glen and Kristi Dobbs, the creators of the Logan ProxTalker Modular Augmented and Alternative Communications (AAC) System

After seeing their autistic son Logan struggle to communicate effectively with several of the most common AAC tools, Glen and Kristi set out to find a better solution for their son and others like him. The system they invented even makes it possible to use tangible objects to represent words and phrases in addition to two-dimensional picture symbols.

Visitors to Logan Tech booth will get the chance to re-energise with chocolate bars and fresh oranges and to win a range of prizes including a Starbucks Gift Card and a Free STEPS Manual ($125 value). This comprehensive training manual for implementing AAC in an ABA environment using the ProxTalker and ProxPAD devices was developed by two renowned therapists – Jacqueline Sura, BCBA and Jennifer Might, BCBA  – with cooperation from the Center for Excellence in Autism.


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