Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom (2nd edition)


I can’t pretend to be completely unbiased about this book as I was involved in its inception.

Brilliant IdeasFrustrated about the dearth of technology used in classrooms I visited, I complained long and hard to Sal over lunch one day. Sharing my disappointment, she took up the gauntlet and put together a proposal for a publication that would begin to address the situation.

The book that she and co-author Angela McGlashon produced was an inspired piece of work, subsequently shortlisted for the 2013 Educational Resources Awards. In the tradition of all David Fultonstyle books Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom delivers just what it says on the cover. Written in an extremely user-friendly, straightforward, ‘dip-into’ style, it provides lots of practical ideas for using ICT to boost the achievement of all pupils.

I’ve used the first edition with trainee teachers (and their experienced colleagues) with really good effect and in several cases, implementing an idea from the book has led to the delivery of an ‘outstanding’ lesson. Fifty illustrated case-studies, demonstrate how teachers can help pupils to develop the key skills of communication and problem solving and access the wider curriculum.

There is practical advice on how to use a diverse range of technology from pod-casting to dance mats; from digital story telling to ‘text home’ systems. Twenty starter activities provide ‘an idiot’s guide’ to improving your use of for example, the SMART Board, symbol software and cameras. The second edition has been updated to keep pace with new technologies. Readers can find out about apps, blogging, geocaching, art packages, Twitter: I especially like the ‘extras’ such as tips about getting the most out of iPads, and how blogging can be effective in getting pupils to write. Sal and Angela have done the legwork so that teachers don’t need to!

This book is an excellent resource. Used as a stimulus for staff development with teachers and assistants, it will enable them to inspire learners, engage the disenchanted, support the strugglers and generally liven up day-to-day lessons in ways that make a positive impact on achievement. It could make a very big difference in your school!

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Sally McKeown & Angela McGlashon – David Fulton/Nasen – ISBN: 9781138809024

Reviewed by Linda Evans

9.5 Awesome

This book has it all, it's a great resource and I would firmly recommend. Written by some great educational professionals this book is a must.

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