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Special World – About us by Martin Littler

Martin Littler FRSA, Editor in Chief, Special World.

Martin Littler, Executive Chairman of Inclusive Technology.

‘Special World’ is a free online service provided by Inclusive Technology to keep those involved in Special Education around the world in touch with the latest developments and in touch with each other. In my experience Special Educators in every country and every setting often have more in common with each other than with their colleagues and countrymen in mainstream education.

As subscriptions have come in for Inclusive’s paid online services, like HelpKidzLearn and ChooseIt! Maker 3, it has been fascinating to check out the schools and centres from San Francisco to Sydney, Calgary to Cataluya, Harvard to Hong Kong, all using the same resources with children who face much the same challenges.

Mick Archer, a distinguished Education Journalist & Editor of Special World.

Mick Archer, a distinguished education Journalist & Editor of Special World.

Because of our online services we found ourselves in touch with over 100,000 professionals from 150 countries with an interest in Special Education. How could we connect them? How could we support them? At the London BETT Show in 2014 I met up with Mick Archer who had been Editor of Special Children magazine through most of my thirty years in Assistive Technology. Between us we cooked up the idea of ‘Special World’.

The first three issues of Special World were in magazine format.

The first three issues of Special World were in magazine format.

The first three termly issues in magazine format were well received. But we were clearly missing opportunities of immediacy and interactivity. Now we can update the new online Special World with new features daily if needed and alert our 120,000 contacts once every two weeks with an abstract of what’s new.

The new Special World Website.

The new Special World Website.

We would love to know what is going on in your Special School or Centre. My own interest is in how technology is helping children communicate and learn. Is there anything, technological or not, that you can share with colleagues around the world? Do let us know.

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